FCCLA gives back to first responders


Students of FCCLA at the hospital.

Graves County’s FCCLA club donated gift baskets to first responders at Jackson Purchase Hospital and provided a meal for Graves County’s firefighters and EMT.  

“Since the community has been affected so much by Covid, some of the students had the idea to give back to our first responders and say thank you to them,” explained teacher and sponsor Ms. Clark.

Senior Brion Crittendon said, “It seemed like a nice thing to do for the workers.”

Members of FCCLA buys lunch for EMTs.

“The best part of donating to the first responders was the sincere gratitude,” continued Ms. Clark. “It wasn’t something that these workers were expecting and they seemed shocked that these high school students were doing this for them.”

According to the students, the CEO of the hospital came down and spoke with them about how heavy Covid has been and how it feels good knowing that all ages in the community appreciate what they have been doing.