Morse and Braden attend Gatton Academy


Aubrey Morse & Madisyn Braden

GC juniors Aubrey Morse and Madisyn Braden began their first semester at the Gatton Academy program at Western Kentucky University.

Gatton Academy is a program that takes high schoolers from all over Kentucky (ages 17-19)  and helps them start their college career during their junior and senior year.

This is a great honor, as only a select few students are chosen after a rigorous interview and application process.

Morse and Braden are hard-working students who highly value their education and also happen to be very close friends. They are currently roommates at WKU.

In recent exchanges with Morse and Braden, they express that their first exams are impending, and that they also share one of their classes. They both encourage anyone who may be interested to apply!