Shrek the Musical set to perform Nov. 19-20

Shrek the Musical set to perform Nov. 19-20

GCHS Performing Arts Center announces Shrek the Musical premiering November 19-20.

The play will be directed by the new choir and performance teacher, Ms. Utley.

Ms. Utley said she “had looked at many more [plays],  but Shrek has so much more to do.”

Dan Walker and Kristina Belt will play the lead roles of Shrek and Fiona respectively.

“Being quarantine for a so long, I wanted to be able to do something big,” said Walker.  “Why not the Musical. Plus this is my senior year, I want to leave knowing I did something fun.”

“I’ve always loved the Performance Arts, It’s always been my dream,” said Belt. “Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to be Fiona.”

The production is still searching for more cast members. See Ms. Utley for more information.