Student Spotlight: Natalie Gardner


Photo courtesy of Natalie Gardner.

Natalie Gardner is entering her fifth year on the GCHS coed cheer team. During this time, she has won two national championships.

“Winning my first national championship felt like a dream,” Natalie said. “Saying I have two now is even more unbelievable.”

“I learned about the coed team in the second grade and have dreamed about being on the team since,” she continued.

The Coed Cheer Team is a competitive sport that requires a routine of elite skills in preparation for Nationals in Orlando Florida. Every teammate has an important role when it comes to team responsibility, and Gardner is no exception.

“She has a strong work ethic, leadership skills, and is a great role model to her teammates,” said Head Coach Jon Summerville. “Natalie is very committed to her team as well as to her outstanding values.”

“I am completely motivated by my teammates that I now call family,” expressed Gardner. “We are all so close and I want to win for them, not only them but for our coaches.”