Football Team Manager Eily Canter is “integral” to program


Senior Eily Canter is being recognized for her outstanding work as GCHS’s football manager by Head Coach Nick Kemp.

Canter has been the team’s football manager for two years.

“Eily goes above and beyond every practice to help take care of our boys on the team,” said Kemp. “She works hard every day to make our program better and she is a very integral part of our practices to assist in running it smoothly and productively.”

“All the guys consider me as one of their own,” expressed Canter. “It’s really non stop laughing and inside jokes.”

Senior runningback Clint McKee agreed: “Eily is the team mom; she takes care of the team like family.”

Canter’s comradery with the team is evident: she has her own senior banner hanging in the middle of the other senior players.

“Eily is a very sweet and kind person that always has a positive attitude in everything she does for our team,” added Coach Kemp.