GCHS senior Emma Hancock attends GSP


Photo courtesy of Emma Hancock

This past summer, Emma Hancock attended the Governor’s Scholars Program at Bellarmine University.

According to the Governor’s Scholars Program’s website, this program is to keep the brightest students in Kentucky universities by providing them scholarship opportunities. 

“I really enjoyed the clubs that they had,” said senior Emma Hancock. “They had different types of teams like kickball.”

While there are activities to entertain the students, there are also various classes offered to everyone participating. 

“I had a class about psychology and also a general studies class about monarchy,” she said. “So that was kind of interesting.”

Emma was glad to meet new friends during this program and recommended others to do the same: “It’s a good opportunity and there’s free tuition,” Hancock said.

Every student is given the opportunity to apply for GSP at the end of the school year. Many teachers will give their help to the applicants. Contact Mrs. Leonard for more information.