Smile! It’s time for senior pictures


GCHS senior Carly Brewer presented by Cortni Rambo Photography.

As the new school year begins, incoming GCHS seniors are deciding themes, poses, styles and more in anticipation for senior pictures.

A big question presented among seniors is who would be the best photographer to fit their photo taking needs.  

“I have been doing photography professionally for about four years,” said photographer Cortni Rambo. “I would describe my photography as warm, natural, and fun! I love to capture the candid happy moments of my clients.” 

Rambo suggested a few things to consider when planning senior photos.

“They need to decide on the style first. They then need to consider their hobbies and what sort of pictures they want with those hobbies and sports,” Rambo continued. “ Senior pictures are so fun because they can be personalized to each individual!”

When it comes to seasonal shoots, Rambo claimed that spring and fall are her favorite times to shoot any photos, not just seniors.

Some seniors have already gotten their pictures taken by Rambo, such as senior Emma Haley.

“I took mine around 7:30 in July while the sun was setting at Honey Hill Farms, and Downtown Paducah,” she said. “Cortni is really fun and energetic. She made taking photos enjoyable.”