Masks: A Go or No?


Pictured here is Nealey Jackson, Anna Whitaker, Hannah Beth Elliott, Conlee Spann, Danielle Trimble, Taylor Grantham, and Ellie Youngblood.

As of August 5, 2021, all Graves County High School students are required to wear a mask during the school day.

In a statement from the Board Office, masks were mandated because “we believe in-person learning is crucial to the academic, social and emotional well-being of our students. To that end, our goal is to provide a safe and healthy atmosphere so our schools can remain open throughout the entirety of this school year.”

Graves County has seen an influx of positive COVID-19 cases in their community. Due to this,  it is necessary to take steps that would reduce the number of students, faculty, and staff that would have to go into quarantine from school related activities.

Assistant Principal Richard Horn responded with “While it has created more work for me, the masks are helping to reduce the number of quarantines.”

However, many students have voiced their concerns and complaints with the mandate.

“It’s taken a lot of freedom away,” said Junior Aiden Crouch.

Freshman Luke Tatum agreed: “The masks make you think about breathing instead of learning.”

Sophomore Issac Fultcher said “The masks mess with my peripheral vision.”

Masking is a requirement Graves County was hoping to avoid, however at this time it is a necessary step as they strive to provide uninterrupted in-person instruction.

“I respect the science behind them,” said marketing teacher Michelle McKee, “but the masks have honestly made it harder to interact with students.”

Senior Caylie Truelove said, “I feel like masks should be an option, whether you want to wear them or not.”

The date that the mask mandate in our school will be lifted is still unknown.

Additional mask and quarantine requirements are below:

A close contact does not have to quarantine if:

They were fully vaccinated and have no symptoms.
Both parties were properly wearing masks.

*We will not be requiring any of our students or employees to be vaccinated, so our primary tool to fight against quarantines is requiring masks to be worn. It is important to remember that our reopening plan is a living document and is subject to change throughout the school year.