Cheater, cheater pumpkin eater: increased stress results in academic dishonesty among many students


Graves County, much like most other schools, has a problem with cheating. Students have found many ways to cheat, whether it be on homework or on a test. It’s even easier since most students have the opportunity to do school online.

We surveyed 92 GCHS students and discovered that 62.5% of students said they had cheated on a test, while 73.9% of students had cheated off of someone else’s homework.

Why? The majority of students replied with the same answers:

  1. It’s easier
  2. They feel overwhelmed
  3. They forget to study
  4. They don’t understand the topic and are too afraid to ask for help

“I cheat because I’m either pressed for time and can’t get the homework done, or I don’t know the answers,” said one GCHS student.

Shockingly, 80.4% of students that cheated said they have never been caught.

According to, 95% of 70,000 high school students have participated in some form of cheating. Additionally, a study by Fordham University found that students who cheat more are most likely to have high GPAs. 

I think students are always going to find a way to work together on stuff that is supposed to be worked on alone,” said a GCHS student,  “and nothing they do is going to prevent that.”

Many students think cheating is unstoppable and most responses in the survey agreed with this statement.  But according to others, it is a student problem that should be dealt with by students:

“It’s less what the school can do and more what the students should be thinking about. The school can try to do all of these things to prevent cheating but the students will have to want to work hard for cheating to not happen.”