Tacos for Talons encourage excellence among GCHS students


Every month, GCHS Leadership gives out Taco for Talons cards to promote and reward positive behavior and excellence within the school.

“Taco for Talons is a positive behavior system that the Leadership students have developed to reward students for showing characteristics that we want all of our Graves County students to show which are trust, positive attitude, leadership, being outstanding, and nation which shows your school spirit,” said Leadership teacher Mrs. Mills.

“We want to encourage them to have those traits by the teachers giving them stickers to put on their cards,” she explained. “When they get their five stickers filled up, they put those in the mailbox and they are rewarded once a month with tacos from Taco Johns.”

Alyssa Lashbrook, who is one of the students in charge of the Talon cards said, “I think it’s been pretty good compared to other reward systems at Graves. I really think it’s increasing positive behavior and the reward is food– so who wouldn’t want that.”