Student Spotlight: Alex Medley


Alex and his team mates competing in the raiders competition

Team Captain of the National Champion GCHS Raider Team, Alex Medley, was nominated for this week’s student spotlight.

According to Lt. Jason Caldwell, “This is a senior-dominated team and for a junior to be picked as Team Captain speaks volumes. Alex represented the team on the day following the team’s win at Nationals in an individual raider event. 25 teams from around the country selected their top male Raider to compete. The event consisted of running about 1.5 miles, with a 40lb rucksack on, they had to low crawl, maneuver over some obstacles and climb an 8′ wall. Alex finished 7th out of 25.” 

We interviewed Alex and when asked about how it felt to be nominated team captain he stated, “I would say that if anybody wants something enough to be out there and get it then go grab it and take what you can.”

He was also asked about the hardest part of being a leader and his aspirations after high school. “The hardest part about being a leader is taking in everyone’s wants, needs, opinions into consideration and avoiding conflict and failure…I would say I’m not very sure but I do plan on going to an ROTC college or the military.”

Alex is an outstanding student and is very much a leader in his own right. Him and his team have worked hard this past few months training and competing in the national raider even and winning first place.