Student Spotlight: Tara Nicholson


Sophomore Tara Nicholson was nominated by biology teacher Mrs. Robinson for always being willing to help others.

“Just today, she understood how to do Punnett squares very quickly, but several in our class were struggling. When asked, she did not hesitate to start walking around the room and help others that asked,” said Mrs. Robinson.

“This is not the first time this has happened either,” Robinson continued. “Tara is part of my co-taught biology class, and any time a student needs help with notes, classwork, or understanding she is willing to jump in and help.”

“I know that life isn’t easy so I try and put on my best face when I’m here for others and just try and make a positive difference,” Tara stated.

“Tara also wants to be her very best self in class,” continued Mrs. Robinson. “When we do an assignment, quiz, or test she is self-reflecting on her work so she can better understand the content.”