Graves County Defeats Carlisle 78-60


Tuesday, February 10th, the Eagles defeated Carlisle County 78-60, making this the 5th straight win for the team.

Drew Thompson lead the Eagles with 30 points and 7 rebounds. Mason Grant came in with 7 assists and Markus Isaiah with 5 deflections.

For Head Coach Josh Frick, this year has been nothing short of impressive: “We have got a group of guys that are really working hard and competing everyday,” he said. “I believe that as the season progresses we will see a lot of growth from this team.”

The team has seen their fair share of challenges with Covid-19 regulations, but were still able to make some great memories.

“My favorite moment is being able to have a season and spend time with the players and coaches. One thing this pandemic has taught me is to be more appreciative of the opportunities that are given to us,” said Coach Frick.