GCHS reports no Covid-19 positive students for the first time this school year


On Monday, February 8th, it was reported that no students at GCHS are currently Covid-19 positive. This is the first time in the 2020-21 school year that the school has reported no active cases.

The highest positive count for the school was on January 8th with 11 students. Based on school data, it appears the highest counts were reported between January 4 and 19, causing some to wonder if holiday celebrations and travel may have caused this spike.

13 students are currently quarantined with 3 pending test results. This is a drastic change from November, when 126 students were quarantined.

However, contact tracing requirements have lessened, allowing students to remain in school as long as both parties are wearing their masks correctly for the duration of the contact.

No Staff are quarantined at this time, either.