Eagles defeat the Falcons

Eagles defeat the Falcons

Saturday, January 30th, both varsity boys and girl’s basketball teams won against Hickman County at Hickman County. Graves County dominated with the Lady Eagles winning 62-40 and the Eagles winning  79-61.

Game Leaders for the boys included Drew Thompson with 26 points, John Ben Brown with 10 rebounds and 3 blocks, Lukas Pigg with 5 assists, and Markus Isaiah with 3 steals.

“I feel like we really played well together and we’re building some team chemistry,” said Senior John Ben Brown. “We’ve got two new guys and in order to be successful, I feel like we need to build team chemistry and get on the same page. Just play together.”

Junior Noah Jones agreed: ” I think we played a well-rounded game. We’ve worked on teamwork and playing together, making sure every player is on the same page.”

“I like to focus on rebounding just as much as scoring,” Brown continued, analyzing his game performance.  “I feel like both are very important in order to be successful in winning the game.”

Jones takes his pre-game preparations seriously: “I make sure that I’m focused before the game and eat well the previous night so I don’t get tired and make sure that I’m hydrated.”

Lady Eagles Senior Avery Myatt said, “I think we did pretty good. We played good defense and we were making our shots. We’ve really worked on our defense and have stayed in the gym to get shots up and really just so we can execute our plays.”

Graves will play Mayfield in the Eagles Nest on Friday, February 5 at 6:00 pm.