9 GC students place in FEA competition


On January 28th, the Graves County Future Educators of America ( FEA ) team competed virtually at Murray State’s Educator Rising Competition.

The organization is sponsored by GCHS teacher Kim Roberts.

Several students placed first including Joseph Hopwood in Career Exploration, Zacharie Lamb in Educator Rising Moment, and Kayla Runge and Kaylee Wilson in Research Challenges.

Senior Zacharie Lamb prepared for the competition by writing a speech about a moment that inspired him.

“I thought about a lot of different ideas but I did settle on an idea,” explained Lamb. “That was when Mr. Rice came to GCHS. I wrote a speech about it.”

Mr. Rice is a GCHS choir teacher.

When asked he wanted to be an educator, Lamb responded “I’ve had so many great teachers that have inspired me and pushed me forward and I want to sort of give that back to the future generation and do the same.”

In addition to the first place winners, Haylei Ray and Madeline Leonard placed 3rd in Bulletin Board, Charlize Klay placed 2nd in Career Exploration with Zach Alexander placing 3rd in the same category. Gracie Colley placed 3rd in Educator Rising Moment.