Mustangs defeat Eagles; Thompson remains positive


Tuesday night the Eagles played valiantly against the Mustangs but lost 53-57.

Graves leading scorer was Drew Thompson with 11 points, a transfer from Elevation prep High School in Indiana.

Although the Eagles suffered a loss, Thompson’s thoughts were positive as he reflected on a moment in the game when “We came together as a team from down 10 points to making it a one point game.”

Thompson has proven to be a welcome addition to the Eagles, and he believes has gained something in return: “It’s such a brother hood here and everyone believes in everyone,” he said. “It’s great. It’s allowed me to become a better player.”

Other game leaders included Mason Grant with 7 rebounds and 5 assists, Markus Isaiah with 3 steals, and John Ben Brown with 2 blocks.

The Eagles will play Marshall County at Marshall this Friday.