Graves takes win vs. Calloway Lakers


Tuesday night the Graves County boys basketball team traveled to Calloway to play against the Lakers. The Eagles beat the Lakers 53-48.

Drew Hayden was the top leader of last nights game with 15 points, John Ben Brown had 14 and Mason Grant finished with 10. Their are some favorite highlights from John Ben Brown, he shared with us. “At the end of the game the score was still close, Mason passed me the ball, I went to do a layup and got fouled, I made the shot and got to shoot a free throw, after that the momentum of the game switched and we pushed our lead out further and eventually won”

Their has been a lot of change in the basketball season this year and this is how John Ben thinks it is going to go “We felt like overall we have a lot of talent across the roster, all we lack is confidence in ourselves, in a few week we are going to be a team that no one is gonna wanna play, we haven’t even been able to play with our new guys and I can not wait to be able to be on the court with them as well.”

There next game is Saturday, January 16 at Paducah Tilghman at 7:30.