Seniors: Order your cap and gown!


If you want a cap and gown for graduation you need to go and go to cap and gowns to place your order. In the grad packs you have least expensive to the most expensive.

To start with the mini is $73 and include everything you need to graduate along with a shirt and a little accessory.

The next option would be the Basic plus that is $103 and has the graduation essentials, a 2021 bling tassel, class of 2021 t-shirt, key ring, and a drawstring backpack.

Then we have the supreme plus which cost $185 and includes all of your graduation essentials, a tassel, a diploma frame,  two t-shirts, a key ring, and a water bottle.

Lastly is the elite pack that has everything you need and more for $302. It comes with the graduation essentials, souvenir  bling tassel, diploma frame, class of 2021 t-shirt, your choice of shirt, key ring, drawstring backpack, water bottle, 2021 popsocket, and a lanyard.

Make sure to go get your graduation packs now!