Top Christmas cookies of 2020


Everyone loves cookies! With this year being so crazy a great way to spend time at home with others is to make Christmas cookies with loved ones. While everyone has different tastes we can all agree that the time spent with the ones around us is precious. At the top of the list are these five cookies that a group of people says they love around the holiday season.
Number 5 is peanut butter. One of my favorite cookies growing up was peanut butter. We made them with my mom and we would put Hershey’s kisses in the center and bake them.

Number 4 is a surprise surprise chocolate chip. This classic cookie is of course going to be in the top five. Whether it’s grandmas secret recipe or a recipe you got online you can’t go wrong with this tasty treat.

Number 3 is snickerdoodles. This treat is one of my dads’ personal favorites. We always made these on Christmas eve for Santa when he came to our house.

Number 2 is sugar cookies. These cookies are super easy to make and you can color and shape them into anything. One of my favorite things to do is make every color and let the little ones make all sorts of shapes.

Lastly, the number 1 cookie that was found was white chocolate macadamia nut. These cookies are a must-have in the house.

Making cookies is one of my favorite traditions I do with my family. If you’re wondering what to do this Christmas maybe connect with family and ask what their favorite cookies were when they grew up.