Caring for yourself during Covid-19


During Covid-19,  it’s important to keep your mental and physical health steady. You can do this in a good couple of ways.

During uncertain times everyone feels a sense of stress and is very emotional.  This also causes fatigue, headaches, and sleeplessness, according to the Mayo Clinic, but to fix this you should start by making a routine:

  1.  Start your day by waking up early and getting dressed to make your mental health better.
  2. Use a bland moisturizer, according to Dr.Cheng (at This will be the least irritating for your face.
  3. exercise, is always good for you and what better time to start than when you aren’t leaving home.
  4.   Finally, healthy eating would be the best way to keep yourself going. You can make something that won’t burn the house down, but keeping healthy eating habits will help you in the future and even now. This also means cut down on snacking. a snack is good every once and a while, but not every hour.