The Moses Basket


The Moses basket is a Non-profit , directed by Jennifer Kemp. For instance, when a child is removed from their home in an emergency situation, whether its abuse or neglect, a foster care parent or a relative will take in the child.

While interviewing Mrs. Kemp, she stated that, ¨sometimes the children show up with no clothes, no school supplies, and even if they have a bag of clothes, it’s often inappropriate, meaning its either torn, stained, or smells dirty.¨

So instead of the families going to buy the children their necessities, they can go to and place an order especially for that child, helping the child feel more at home.

¨The Moses basket has also participated in fundraising, like barbecue on the river, where a part of the vendors profits went to us,¨ Mrs. Kemp said.

There are many ways you can donate to help the children that need it the most, like writing a check to the Moses Basket, donating clothes, toys, and school supplies.

But for more information you can visit the website above or their Facebook page @The Moses Basket Graves County