GCHS Eagle’s Eye: Meet Our Staff


GCHS Eagle’s Eye is an online student newspaper that publishes weekly. The staff is composed of 10 student writers and sponsor Marci Parrish.

“This year our staff is very special to me,” said Mrs. Parrish. “Most of these students I have had in class before, and I look forward to working with them everyday. They are all just really energetic and passionate individuals.”

The goal of the Eagle’s Eye is two fold: to inform the school body and community and to learn about journalism. Students study different styles of journalism and then practice them with their own student news.

“They learn about media ethics, advertising, editing and revision, while building interview skills,” said Mrs. Parrish. “Then they go out and apply these skills to stories they are newsworthy and worth pursuing.”

“It’s really impressive,” she continued, “They’re out talking to coaches and teachers, students, small business owners, even the mayor. They’re great journalists.”

The Eagle’s Eye Staff consists of the following members:

Jessie Cox, Senior GC Connection Editor

Kaylee Davis, Senior News Editor

Aurora Diaz, Junior Sports Editor

Carley Dowdy, Senior Eagle Life Editor

Kadie Elder, Sophomore Sports Editor

Marybeth Hays, Senior Eagle Life Editor

Raul Mata, Senior News Editor

Devin Oliver, Senior GC Connection Editor

Tristen Richards, Senior Eagle Life Editor

Maddy Wilson, Sophomore Sports Editor