GC Football Victory: Marshall County

GC Football Victory: Marshall County

Friday, Oct. 30, the Eagles Varsity Football team played the Marshall County Marshalls at home. The Eagles won 28-0.

Junior Matthew Flemmons stated, “I think we need to work on screen passes. Even though they work, it just depends on the film. In all honesty, we pounded them the whole game. Defense was really good. We really broke their spirit in my opinion because they were really hyped up and ended up losing.”

Senior Eli Kirschbaum agreed, saying “I think our driving spirit throughout the whole year kind of kept us alive. Defense really stepped up and kept us in the game.”

Junior Mason Grant provided additional insight into the challenges of this year: ” I mean, at the beginning of the year we struggled with special teams. The Owensboro game we struggled on special teams and I feel that’s what lost us the game but now we’ve got it fixed.”

“That’s what helped us out. I feel like our defense and offense have done their jobs,” Grant continued. “We’ve got our special teams fixed so we’re good now. I think a lot of it’s the energy but we also have good game plans. When the energy is there it helps us win.”

Due to Graves being in the red zone for Covid-19 cases, the game against McCracken County, scheduled for Friday, Nov. 6, has been cancelled.