Inside Scoop with Mayor O’Nan


Eagle’s Eye Staff Members with Mayfield Mayor Kathy O’Nan

Mayor Kathy O’Nan became the mayor of Mayfield after a lengthy teaching career at Mayfield Highschool and being on the council for 16 years.

“I always told my students to “Get Involved” and finally I decided to practice what I was preaching and ran for council in 2002.” said Mayor O’Nan.

When asked what her proudest moment in her career was, O’Nan said, “The protests that we had in Mayfield was an amazing moment in my career. Being able to see us come together as a community and face these issues together is something I will never forget.”

Mayor O’Nan has been interested in politics since the ripe age of 5. She is clearly community centered and loves being the mayor of our small town. The city council plays a huge part in Mayor O’Nan’s career, almost every decision passed is straight from the council members themselves.

When asked to share a fun fact about herself, Mayor O’nan let us in on the rare known fact that she use to be a volleyball referee. The versatile Mayor Kathy O’nan is thriving in her position and hopes to bring the city of Mayfield closer together than ever. With new projects in mind (post-covid) we can only let the excitement build to see what is to come for our small town.