The influence of music


Mr.Rice (red) singing with his students.

A lot of people enjoy different types of music for separate reasons. Some enjoy just the rhythm and tunes, some enjoy the vocals or instruments, and others enjoy the lyrics. Whether you use it to relieve stress or just chill at home, music plays an important part of your life from the time you were young. If you think about it, even the nursery rhymes you listened to when you were a toddler helped you learn and grow.

In fact there has been studies done that proves that certain types of music can relive stress and anxiety. Many people use these tactics when experiencing panic/anxiety attacks (a sudden feeling of acute and disabling anxiety.) Others use music to focus and to help them concentrate on the task they are doing.

Mr. Rice, the music teacher at GCHS stated that he loves to listen to many genres of music and it has helped him through many trials in life.

“I’d even venture to say that it’s helped get me through everything,” Mr. Rice stated. “Music is medicine for the mind. Music is essentially my whole life. I teach it all day at school, I listen to it in the car, and I practice music when I go home at night.”

A GC student was asked if a certain artist has personally affected them and they said, “Billie Eilish affected me personally, and it’s changed me by helping me through hard times.”

Spanish teacher J.J. Adams listens to metal and progue rock, her favorite band being Tool.

“I love the energy,” Ms. Adams said. “Tool’s lyrics make me think about the fragility of human existence and the experiences we all share as beings on this planet, living here together.”

“I normally listen to country and oldies,” said junior Sarah Irvan. “But my workout radio is all rock because it gets me in the mood to give my best and to better myself.”

“For me, it depends on my mood,” said Laken Moffitt.  “Country is what I listen to the most, but sometimes I need something to feel a little more upbeat, like pop.”