GCHS COVID-19: Safe at School


Mr.Horn assistant principal poses for photo.

Adhering to COVID-19 restrictions has been an additional challenge for back-to-school preparations for Graves County High School.

One change that has impacted students’ normal schedule–and cut into their social time– is they must immediately report to 1st block at 7:40 A.M. and break has been cancelled to avoid large crowds.

Teachers and students are encouraged to wash or sanitize hands frequently, and are required to wear face masks. 

Assistant Principal Mr. Richard Horn elaborated on the importance of wearing masks as they are proven to slow the spread of Covid-19, and in return ensure that schools can remain face-to-face longer. 

“I’m sure we’ll have some days where we are closed for a few days…not as long as last year was,” Mr. Horn predicted.

Classrooms have been modified to accommodate social distancing guidelines by removing unnecessary objects in order to maximize spacing between student desks. 

Faculty and staff are also responsible for cleaning and sanitizing “high-touch surfaces,” such as desks, tables, doorknobs, etc., between cohorts of students.

Additional guidelines can be found in the GC Covid Logistics Manual. 8