GCHS honors Constitution Day


Alex Medley, Audrey Dowdy, and Katie Adams pose with their project in Mrs. Roberts’s AP Government class.

Graves County High School honored Constitution Day on Thursday, September 17.

Faculty and students, donned in red, white, and blue for spirit week, explored the U.S. Constitution in a variety of ways during their history and English classes.

In Mrs. Kim Roberts’s AP Government course, students have been studying the Constitution for a few weeks now.

“Studying the constitution is an important part of being an informed citizen.  Students need to understand the basis of our own government in order to better participate,” Mrs. Roberts explained.

“I want students to realize where the founding fathers put their importance in writing this document.  And I want them to realize we didn’t always get it right.”

Today, Mrs. Roberts tasked students with creating a visual model of different forms of government, followed by a post or modern day example of the type of government. Then, students discussed which form is best and why.

Audrey Dowdy’s group arranged gummy bears to represent the power structures of a monarchy.

“It’s not the best form of government,” Dowdy stated, “It gives the ruler too much power and takes away the rights from the people.”

In Mrs. Shanna Mills’s history class, students completed a “principles of the Constitution” gallery walk. Mrs. Mills’s guiding questions were “Where is the power found in the Constitution?” and “How does the original Constitution represent democratic principles in a limited government?”

“It is important for students to understand the foundation of our government so that they can be informed, engaged citizens,” Mrs. Mills stated.