Celebrities’ Response to COVID-19


Justin Bieber on TikTok (Insider. com)

Many fans of various artists were left disappointed after the Coronavirus struck the United States, forcing celebrities to cancel and postpone concerts. It is still unknown when concerts or social gatherings in any form will be able to resume, but until this time comes we remain in our homes and social distanced. 

To help fans find ways to spend their time and grieve over the disappointment that comes with waiting months for a concert only for it to be postponed indefinitely, celebrities have started doing virtual concerts. Many singers including Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, and Madison Beer have taken to Instagram and Facebook lives to serenade their fans for the time being. 

In addition to these virtual concerts, celebs have taken to the popular app TikTok to find ways to spend their time and connect with fans. On top of using social media to interact and entertain, celebrities such as Harry Styles and Ansel Elgort have found ways to raise money to help many affected in more serious ways by the virus. In a world where we follow celebrities every move, we can definitely appreciate the help some are providing us during this time.