Current events that have saved us from boredom

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The world has been undeniably gloomy lately, but there have been a few things in the past month or so that can saved many from quarantine insanity.

Probably the most popular new release, has been a new Nintendo switch game produced by Hisashi Nogami, “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” The game is a life simulation, played in real time, where your character is surrounded by cute animal townspeople.

Although some stores have closed down production, there has also been some amazing new deals. A personal favorite of this has been ‘the Sims 4.’ Typically retailing for about $39.99, EA has given gamers an 88% discount- making the price $4.99. All expansion packs AND game packs are also on sale… ’tis the season to start gaming!

Newly released movies are now also being put on at-home streaming services much earlier. This includes Onward, The Invisible Man, and The Hunt.

Even new books are still being released. March 2020 brought on many new anticipated books, one of those being the first book of the Crescent series by Sarah J. Maas, “House of Earth and Blood.” In which the fantasy/romance story follows a young girl Bryce Quinlan- a half human, half fae.

While you might be feeling the worlds current gloom, I hope this article reminded you that there’s always positivity to look forward to!