FCS in Action


courtesy by James Turner/ The Mayfield Messenger.

February 18, Cassidy Payne, Brenna Dotson and Laney Shoulta gave a presentation to the school board about the Family and Consumer Sciences. There was a variety of topics discussed.

There was many propositions approved by the board office regarding Farmington Elementary Schools heating, ventilation and air-conditioning renovation project. Jennifer Dillon said the estimated total cost including contingencies is $2,506,833.

One of the topics that were discussed was Bacon Farmer Workman Engineering and Testing inc. will be given $5,500 to do a special inspection for seismic and ceiling grid for the elementary school. Another plan that was accepted was Thermal Balance inc. after the instillation is complete they will do testing, adjusting, and balancing in the new HVAC system. It will also include air and water balances.

I also talk to an officer of FCCLA Cassidy Payne I asked her why they did the presentation she said,”This was a great opportunity to display our leadership skills and help to promote and grow the FCS program.” the person over the club also told me that “Not only was this an excellent way to promote the FCS program but it was an excellent way to bring both our programs together we were able to use FCCLA officers to speak in front of board members and FCS students to prepare and serve a meal to board members.” so overall the presentation was a success.