Ultimate Guide to tiktok Renegade


Step one: The first dance move to renegade is the Woah.

Step two: The second dance move is to clap on the beat.

Step three: Do a horizontal figure 8 with your right hand in front of your body.

Step four: ~Do the arm noodle/worm/wave~

Step five: x, arm, clap.

Step six: put your arms out like you’re telling someone to wait.

Step seven: swing across your body,

Step eight: snap with both hands.

Step nine: lean forward, go to the left, then back, and cross your arms. 

Step ten: bring the baby with both hands to your stomach, then throw it over your head.

Step eleven: one at a time, grab the cow utters.

Step twelve: dab

Step thirteen: the punch across your body again.

Step fourteen: in a rainbow motion move your hands across your face.

Step fifteen: throw your breath at the camera twice.

Step sixteen: put both hands on your head while shaking your tush to the beat

Step seventeen: move your hands to your hips with your hands crisscrossed while moving to the beat