The Ultimate Guide to Summer Vacation


personalized graphic by Alicia Blackshear

1. Take a trip with friends or family.

  • Plan an affordable and short trip with a few people
  • Decide where to go
  • Pack lightly
  • Enjoy your time by playing family games

2. Take a college class

  • This might make going to college a lot easier because you will know what’s going to happen
  • Create new friends and make new memories
  • Apply to places that offer this option
  • Have together your resume and complete an application

3.  Create your own project

  • Turn your interests and talents into your own summer-long project.
  • Teach yourself how to program.
  • Practice your creative writing.

4. Get a job

  • Helps you save money
  • Can help to pay for college so you don’t stress over that when the time comes
  • Find a fun job that you can might can enjoy with friends

5. Be an entrepreneur

  • Start a business with friends that offers a service in your community.
  • Start a babysitters’ clubs, walk dogs for the neighborhood, or even help the elderly.

6. Volunteer in your community

  • You could visit residents at nursing homes a few days a week, or spend your Saturday mornings feeding animals at the animal shelter.
  • Help pick up trash in public areas
  • This can also be enjoyed with friends, you can work together to bring happiness to other people

7. Apply for internships

  • An internship is a structured opportunity to work (usually unpaid) at a company, lab, or non-profit organization for a set amount of time.
  • Find something you find of interest and this will give you a fun summer, but also help your college applications look spectacular.

8. Find a job-shadowing opportunity

  • Job shadowing involves observing or doing small tasks in a professional setting to get ideas
  • Ask a company, you know of well, if you can help with filing or sit in a planning meeting