GCHS Academic Team wins at District Governor’s Cup


Photo Courtesy :Lynda Hiles

The Graves County Academic Team had a match on Saturday, January 25 at GCHS and won the District Governor’s Cup Championship. You may ask yourself ” What is the academic team” or ” What do they even do” an academic team is a group of people who compete in things using their knowledge and facts in different academic subject areas. It is amazing to know that we have an amazing academic team and a group of very smart students.

GCHS Future Problem Solvers placed first at Governor’s Cup. The team consisted of Sara Haley, Kendall Tubbs, Noah Saxon, and Connor Burnett. In the Quick Recall Match, the team placed second overall. People in this match were Alice Baldwin,  Naima Bhutta, Kendall Tubbs, Kyler Thompson, Preston Schmidt, and Jonathan Woods.
We spoke to Alicia Baldwin and she responded ” I was very proud of the team’s place in the competition and was very confident that from the beginning we were going to win. We had lots of practice meets for this big day and lots of work and effort put into this match and it was all worth it at the end.”
Individual Winners:
Kyler Thompson – 1st in Math, 4th in Science
Naima Bhutta – 1st in Language Arts, 2nd in Arts & Humanities
Alice Baldwin – 1st in Arts & Humanities, 2nd in Language Arts
Allyson Pair – 1st in Composition
Karli Prather – 2nd in Composition, 3rd in Science
Jaggar Belew – 2nd in Social Studies
Abigail Lonsway – 4th in Composition
Liam Brooks – 5th in Social Studies
Ayaz Bhutta – 5th in Arts & Humanities
Congrats to everyone who placed in this year’s Governor Cup Championship.