January Horoscopes for 2020!


Photo Courtesy of styleblueprint.com

Ever wonder why your zodiac sign doesn’t quite suit you?

Between November 30th and December 18th, the sun passes in front of the constellation Ophiuchus, an unofficial zodiac sign. With this information, a new version of the signs and their dates has been released, since the knowledge of Ophiuchus -the “Serpent Bearer”- has been discovered.

What you once knew to be your zodiac sign could have changed.

Keep reading to find your horoscope and a new sign for this month in the new decade!


(April 19 – May 13) Aries: This month is all about development, accomplishment, and triumph for Aries. You are very much able to mold the month of January to be whatever you like. Opportunities for career, love, and personal progression are all at the tip of your fingers. Take a leap of faith and have new experiences.

(May 14- June 19) Taurus: Social life will be the greatest joy for Taurus this month. Though, you must stay focused and work on the bigger projects in your life. Make sure to put yourself first and keep your health in check, it will be critical for the rest of the year. Financials will be difficult this month, but love is on fire.

(June 20 – July 20) Gemini: Career plays a big part for Gemini this month. Gaining communication skills and intellect is bound to happen, but mindless spending of your hard-earned money needs to be monitored. Health is slightly tedious, maximize personal energy and solve issues that may be happening at home. Love is unfortunately not looking this month, a relationship may/may not end.

(July 21 – August 9) Cancer: This month will be successful and clarifying for Cancer. Friends and family will support your career decisions, and financial success is also in your favor. Self-will creates good health this month, as well as an increase in physical activity. A new love will begin for you this month and develop over the year.

(August 10 – September 15) Leo: Social prospect is huge for Leo this month. Although your love life and career may be going smoothly, the family seems to be stressful for you. Many friends will come and go this month, make sure to take care of your mental health and avoid making any irrational choices.

(September 16 – October 30) Virgo: Romance is a large part of this month for Virgo. Many romantic opportunities will arise for you, but it’s important to not lose yourself in someone. As romance swirls around your head, secrets will be exposed. Absolutely remember to relax and uphold your self-confidence, as well as not overspending.

(October 30 – November 22) Libra: Self-progression will be a big focus for Libra this month. You are very popular and have a high social status. With this, you will tend to gain financial stability from others. It’s imperative that this month you use your strong intellect to balance yourself and start a new career. This month will provide you a lot of energy to accomplish your goals.

(November 23 – November 29) Scorpio: Psychological progress will happen for Scorpio this month. Your career and financial state will be stable, how you must control your temper and frustration. Discovering new hobbies could benefit you greatly. Focus on more approachable projects, as drama and children will become known to you.

(November 30 – December 17) Ophiuchus: Independence will welcome Ophiuchus this month. Naturally curious, you will have the desire to travel. Family and friends will support you, but keeping a romantic interest will be tricky- as you tend to become jealous. Remember your long-term goals this month as you experience a new sense of freedom.

(December 18 – January 18) Sagittarius: Energy will be out-of-this-world for Sagittarius this month. Avoiding drama, possessiveness, and jealously will allow for you to have a great month. You are wise and strong-willed, and will naturally seek out your own happiness. Your social circle will adapt to you as you strengthen your mental health, and attempt to progress your career. Love is rocky around this time, and it is best to focus on yourself.

(January 19 – February 15) Capricorn: Ambition will be on Capricorn’s mind this month. You aspire to achieve more but will need to build an emotional base with those around you first. Your confidence and creativity will lead to success later in the year. Health and financials are excellent this month, but love will remain the same as it has been.

(February 16 – March 11) Aquarius: Stress is weighing Aquarius down this month. The workplace is very competitive for you right now. Love will come knocking at your door, but you mustn’t get attached and enjoy the relationship for what it is. Although you may be stressed now, you will find happiness and create your own rules later in the year.

(March 12 – April 18) Pisces: Career plays a big part for Pisces this month. You will want to give up and have a poor mentality about your workplace. It’s important to work through these issues now. Soon you will crave harmony and take some much needed time off, as financials are very prosperous. Love is waiting for you; just be brave enough to take the first step.