Pilot Pete takes off on his journey of love


Photo courtesy of Showcelnews.com

On Monday, January  6th, the moment everyone in the bachelor nation had been waiting for finally came: Season 24. After watching Colton jump over a fence, Hannah getting her heartbroken, and the blossoming romances between everyone in Bachelor in Paradise, the circle starts all over again with Peter.

The first week, Peter meets all the lovely ladies with their amazing entrances. Many came, and one he seemed to have already known. Each girl tried to make a mark on Peters’s heart and many of them succeeded.

Although nothing seemed to make the girls go crazy like when Hannah came to Peter to give back his wings that he gave her on the first night.

Later that night, the girls all try to get as much time as they can from Peter to win the first impression rose but in the end, he chose Hannah Ann.

All on the first night there is so much drama, what’ll happen next?