Jingling Into Christmas Break


Christmas break is just around the corner and students are making plans for the holidays. This break gives students a chance to spend time with friends and family and feel free from the stress of the school year.

Freshman Grace Story said, “I am going to visit my grandmother who lives in Caldwell County. She always spoils us with plenty of gifts (my brother and I).”

Sophomore Hannah Smith said, “I’m gonna eat food and open presents and go to a Christmas Eve party.” *this is so basic hahaha 

Freshman Anasy Lochala said, “I will travel to Tennessee and Mississippi to visit my family during the season.”

Special education teacher Mrs. Torsak said, “I’m going to Gatlinburg during the week after Christmas. During the week of Christmas, I’ll spend the season with my family.”

Christmas break lets students know that they’re halfway done with schoolwork, studying, quizzes, and tests. So what are your plans for the season? Have the best holiday ever!