Winter Break is Right Around the Corner!

Winter Break is Right Around the Corner!

Winter break is less than two weeks away. GCHS students are already planning what they are going to do during the break. 

However, every exciting break comes with semester exams. Midterms are next week as well; some students are prepared whereas others are just focused on how close break is. Some of these tests tend to make students stressed and overwhelmed. Students study to do really well on the midterm for each of their classes.

GCHS sophomore Aurora Diaz stated, “These midterms make me put a lot of pressure on myself, especially now since I’m trying to make my grades go up.” 

“I’m happy that school is almost over for winter break! These tests will be hard but I know I’m going to do really great on all of them,” GCHS junior Diana Diaz commented. 

Students are determined to be concentrated on the semester exams in order to consider this second nine weeks well taught by teachers at GCHS.