Legendary GCHS Prom Fashion Show

Legendary GCHS Prom Fashion Show

The Graves County Fashion Marketing class hosts another  Prom Fashion Show, making it an annual occurrence for over 10 years.

When you think of a prom, you mostly think of a formal, ‘ball’ like evening. Instead, the Fashion Marketing class chose the theme  “Legends Never Die.” This theme is inspired by musicians like Tupac Shakur, Biggie, XXXTentacion, and Jimmy Hendrix.

Each year, the Fashion Show is different. According to Michelle Mckee, “A couple of years ago, we added a feature during intermission that featured traditional Quinceanera dresses.  Everyone loved it!”

According to Michelle Mckee, fashion show director, “The show offers an opportunity for girls to sell their prom dresses and for buyers to get beautiful dresses sometimes only worn once for a great price!”

During the fashion show, the senior girls will model their dresses for other students to see if anyone is interested in the dresses.

“It offers the opportunity for fashion marketing students to apply their business and creative skills, as well as work as a team, to produce a professional show.” Mrs. Mckee states.  

The show will be held on Friday, February 7th, in the GCHS Pac. Don’t miss the legendary performance!