In need of a tutor session?

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Need a tutor sesh?

If you are looking for a way to bump your grades up by getting help on a specific subject, our school has our very own tutor sessions. Some teachers either pick certain days they are available to stay after to tutor you if you are searching for help. Other teachers ask that you tell them what time you can come for them to tutor you. All main subjects are available to be tutored in.

The Fine Arts tutor is Dr. Hill. The Credit Recovery tutors are Mrs. Hiles, Mrs. Stephanie Rickman, and Laura Marrs. The English tutors are Mrs. Beadles, Ms. Clifford, Mrs. Heather Miller, Ms. Crouch, Mrs. Cooper, Ms. Soloman, and Mrs. Slankard. The Foreign Language tutors are Ms. Adams, Mr. A. Richards, and Mrs. Day. The Math tutors are Mrs. Jones, Mr. Blalock, and Ms. Peeples. The Science tutors are Mrs. Duke, Mrs. Bhutta, Mrs. Goatley, Ms. Shadrick, and Ms. Rhea. The Social Studies tutors are Mrs. Mills, and Mrs. Roberts.

Each and every one of these teachers are taking time to assist you so don’t be afraid to go ask for help! You can bring your own assignments you need to work on, or you can politely ask for them to give you a practice sheet before you go.

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