Spring 2020 fashion trends


Fashion is always changing. Throughout the decades, fashion has evolved with the times and trends. This upcoming year, many new trends are coming to life. Even old trends making a comeback with a new  modern twist.

Some of these trends for the upcoming year include, but are not limited to: the reinvented white shirt, high shine, monochromatic outfits, and puffy sleeves.

The reinvented whit shirt is just as it sounds. It is the classic white shirt, however designers took the basic to a new level with ruching, cropping, adding embellishments, and pattern mixing. More twists to the staple white shirt are patterned pants, statement piece jackets, coats, or sweaters, and layering.

High shine is based off of HBO’s show, Euphoria. The looks on the show are not limited to makeup. The designers paired sequins, glitters, metallics, and sparkles with simple silhouettes to create underrated, yet bold looks that look effortless.

Monochromatic outfits are outfits made from different shades and hues of one color. This might sound crazy, however, these looks can look put together by using different textures of fabrics. These looks can look chic and effortless. These types of looks can use layering and accessories to help break up the outfit.

Puffy sleeves are iconic and hard to style. Royalty has rocked this trend and now it is making a comeback with modern twists. This feminine trend is commonly on dresses and can be on t-shirts. The modern twists can include jumpsuits, cropped tops, and sweaters.

These trends are sure to be everywhere Spring 2020.