2019 Autumn Fashion Trends


(Faux Fur ) Left to right: Micheal Kors, Stella McCartney, Moschino

Along with the early sunset and autumn leaves, the weather is dropping and calls for a new season of fashion. The runaway has flaunted an extreme new type of fall fashion consisting of feathers, fur, and neon. Here are the top trends in fall trends 2019.

Capes: A cape is a new casual compliment to a formal outfit in the evening, with plaid being the most popular pattern. Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs have both taken capes to their runway.

Neon: Bright colors have taken a big spotlight in fall fashion, worn specifically to be fearless and to be seen. Neon green seems to be the color of choice, styled like the 1980s. Balenciaga is one of the many brands to join the neon trend.

Couture Tailoring: 2019 has overall been a year of expression, and many androgynous silhouettes have made their way onto the runway. Mixed with couture, tuxedo’s with sequence and sculpted shoulders have emerged with brands such as Givenchy and Celine par Hedi Slimane.

Pop feathers and Faux Fur: Along with neon, feathers have also been trending immensely, typically styled as scarves or a jacket. Faux fur has not also been a trend, but a statement in the fashion industry about taking environmental action. The fur is being used as a symbol, also dressed as jackets.

Those are just a few of the fall fashion trends of 2019. Honorable mentions are exaggerated volume, shoulder-pads, and prep chic.