M.V.C Receptionist, Cheyenne D’avignon


Cheyenne D’avignon started working for Mayfield Veterinary Clinic May of this year. She hopes to become a Veterinary Tech, who would perform animal nursing duties like performing diagnostic tests and x-rays, to preparing animals for surgery.

During her day, she answers phone calls, checks in and out patients, refills medicines and takes animals back for surgery and boarding.

“Learning how to emotionally detach yourself in situations is draining. Like when a dog is hit by a car, you have to run and get a stretcher and try to not get attached in the process is hard because you have to focus on work.” Cheyenne says.

Cheyenne is proud that she made fulltime, and hopes that she can get a degree and work in the same clinic she is at now. She hopes to move up to a veterinary technician to work more hands-on instead of mainly on a computer.