Bonjour from GCHS


French club's poster for Rush Week.

With almost all colleges requiring a foreign language credit, it’s important to gain that credit ahead of time in high school.

At GCHS, there are two languages courses offered: Spanish and French. Both of these are also in affiliation with extracurricular organizations.

“The people of the world are so inter-connected that learning a language about other cultures will help us communicate better and help us understand each other,” said Mrs. Kelley Day, a French teacher with 28 years of experience at GCHS.

Mrs. Day’s journey into French began well into her years of high school: “I took two years of French in high school (my junior and senior years). I originally wanted to be a math teacher, that was my best subject. After taking French in college, I changed my major. Then, I took every French class that was offered at Murray State. Studying and teaching French has been a huge part of my life.”

Mrs. Day’s message to anyone looking to join the French club: “We are a pretty laid-back club. We do activities throughout the year that are fun and help us get to know each other. If you are interested in being involved in a club and have an interest in the French language, then you should join.”