GCHS welcomes Mrs. Gregory as head principal

photo courtesy of West Kentucky Star

photo courtesy of West Kentucky Star

Graves County High School announced this summer that Mrs. Alison Gregory would serve as head principal, a replacement for Mr. Matt Madding, who now serves as superintendent.

“I love GCHS and being around our awesome young people and talented people and staff,” said Mrs. Gregory.

¨I have spent almost ten years away from the high school level and it’s great to be back,” Gregory continued. “My favorite part of being here is the role that I hope to play a role in helping out students be in college and or career ready when they leave us senior year. I want to continue to excel and be the top school in Kentucky.¨

During the first few days of school, Mrs. Gregory spoke to each class in the Performing Arts Center. Her message was of motivation and creating personal accountability through the #makeitcount movement.

“My desire for our GCHS family to make every decision, every action, and every day count during their high school experience. Thus, the #makeitcount hashtag was born. We try hard to share our #makeitcount “sightings” each week at GCHS,” said Gregory.

“Our school is awesome and we want everyone to know it!”