Woman Suspected of Killing South Dallas Barbershop Owner

(Courtesy of Google)

A woman was suspected of shooting a man at his own barbershop in South Dallas, Texas, on August 10th, 2019.
Alexis Lavon Bowman, 36, was arrested for a murder charge on August 15th, 2019. She was released 4 days later after a court session.
Fredrick Myers, 42, who was the owner of the barbershop, was found shot on August 10th at approximately 11:30 that morning at the Kingz of Cutz barbershop, which is located in the 3100 block of Al Lipscomb Way. He was rushed to a hospital and died a few moments later.
Bowman got into an argument with Myers over money. Bowman told Myers that he needed to pay her, or she was “about to act a fool in here,” then knocked over some snacks from the back of the shop. She left the shop after the argument, but then returned a couple moments later, opened the door, and told him to come outside. He tried to close the door instead, but she pulled a small handgun from her shirt and shot him several times before escaping the situation.
Bowman used to work at the barbershop, according to Betty Myers-Davis, Fredrick’s mother. Fredrick was trying to protect the customers and his employees in the shop and “save their lives by giving up his,” according to Jay Vee Burberry, Fredrick’s cousin.
Fredrick Myers was well-known in the community and was always helping people around him, according to his family.
“This barbershop meant everything to him,” his mother said, “it meant he helped people with jobs, and he would want to keep it open and so we’re trying to do that.”
Alexis Bowman has been convicted of several crime scenes in Dallas County, including carrying a weapon unlawfully.