Ashley Graham is having a baby

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On August 14th Model, Ashley Graham, and her husband, Justin Ervin, released on their Instagrams that she is having a baby.

After nine years of being married to Justin Ervin, she gives us a “little” announcement for their anniversary. So, Ashley decides to take a little video for her fans and show off the baby bump. Since then Ashley has been praised and ridiculed for showing off her beautiful pregnancy to her fan base.

Although, there has been so much hate for showing off her baby bump. There is still support for the happy couple and their unborn baby. Celebrities especially have been blowing up her phone with comments all over Instagram.

One of these comments were written by a company Mrs.Ashley Graham had modeled for, “Congratulations!!! We are so happy and excited for you and your family,” Commented on Instagram by the one and only, Olly Nutrien. Other comments like, “Wow!! so happy for both of,” (Commented by Legally Blonde star, Reese Witherspoon.) and “Congratulations! We’re all so happy for you. I hope you’re feeling loved, and pampered, and happy, and fearless.”(by @theellenshow.)

Not only are celebrities loving her post but celebrity enthusiast are too. @darknovamermaid commented, “Omg I’m so happy for her,” and many comments came up just like this.

From how big Ashley’s beautiful belly is: we will get to see the beautiful baby and finally we’ll welcome of Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin’s new bundle of joy.