Chaos breaks out on South 9th Street when power goes out

Courtesy of Mayfield Messenger

Courtesy of Mayfield Messenger

Mayfield, KY: Wednesday night, a car crashed into a power pole causing a chaotic mess on South 9th Street.

Due to this car crash, there was an outbreak of light outages near South 16th Street and West Broadway Street. According to WSPD, “A check of the Mayfield Electric and Water System outage map reveals more than 1,000 people in Mayfield were without power.”

The police of Mayfield confirmed that the crash had provoked the power outages, however, he could not share any more information.

Arianna Piroutek said she saw how officials were fixing the lights that were on South 9th Street and how disorganized it was.

“They had three stop signs in a circle with a man directing traffic,” she said. “Traffic was backed up because of a truck with a machine attempting to fix the light.”