Snappy Tomato’s Gluten Free Pizza – A Pizza Lovers Must

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The term ‘gluten-free,’ is becoming more and more apparent in today’s modern society. Along with other allergens like soy, dairy, peanuts, and shellfish- gluten has become more commonly found ravaging citizens’ gut health. Eating gluten-free is no easy task, and dining out frequently seems impossible, but fortunately, Snappy Tomato Pizza has offered a local cuisine safe for all pizza lovers. 

As someone who has struggled to find a good gluten-free pizza, I didn’t have much for expectations when walking into the small Italian-themed restaurant. The first thing to notice is the abundantly filled pizza buffet, but in order to get the gluten-free pizza, it needs to be ordered at the counter (which only comes in one size- medium). 

After finding a seat, the pizza itself took about five minutes to be served. The shape was a perfect circle, and it appeared to be like any other pizza. When trying gluten-free pizzas, the crust is usually comprised of cauliflower and doesn’t cook as thoroughly. However, Snappy Tomato Pizza has seemingly perfected the gluten-free arts of pizza making; it seemed too good to be true! The pizza was delicious and affordable, I’ll definitely be coming back for more. 

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