Signing off



Wow. It is hard to think of the right words to say when you know you know you won’t get another chance to edit it.

To spare time, this year has been.. wild. Definitely one of the hardest years of my life, but I can honestly say I am  most thankful for this year as well. I have discovered a new mind set, new friends, and a new me.

I am more comfortable with myself than I have been in a very long time. I have found myself happier and way more positive than I’ve been capable of in previous years.

This class has helped me so much with that because it gave me, not only a voice, but a reason to write again. I used to love reading and writing and I put down my book and pen a year ago and I’m proud to say that I allowed newspaper to break those walls again. I cannot even begin to explain the joy I have obtained from this class just this year.

Newspaper helped me truly express myself.

Thank you for being my brief light for senior year. I really appreciate the time spent here. Thank you Ms. Crouch for being a mentor and keeping me on the right path. I wouldn’t have stayed nearly as motivated this year if it weren’t for you and select few teachers. I’m so blessed to have had you as a teacher, not even just in newspaper. I am going to miss this class, but mostly the energy we all possessed. I wish nothing but the best for years to come.